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Switching your checking account is easy at Middlesex Federal Savings, (MFS). Open your new account and move automated transactions from your old account.

Contact all your organizations or merchants whom you have direct deposit or direct withdrawals from, provide your new information and you’re on your way.

Change your Direct Deposit to Middlesex Federal Savings:

Click here to download the Payroll Direct Deposit form

For payroll, complete the enclosed Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization form and give it to your employer’s payroll department.

  • To change Social Security direct deposit, contact the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 and provide your current direct deposit information along with your new MFS routing number and account number. Middlesex Federal Savings routing # is 211370150.
  • For other direct deposits, contact the company, provide your new routing number and account number.

Switch your automatic withdrawals to Middlesex Federal Savings: 

  • Contact any organization that you have authorized to make automatic withdrawals from your checking account. Click here to download the Automatic Payments Letter form in our Customer Downloads section as a convenient way of letting them know you have changed your account to MFS by providing a voided MFS deposit slip or check. These may include mortgage or loan payments. Insurance premiums, membership dues and utility payments, etc.

Switch charges automatically billed to your old debit card:

  • Contact any company that you have authorized to receive payment using your old debit card.Click here to download the Automatic Payments Letter form in our Customer Downloads section to tell them to debit your new MFS ATM/MasterMoney Debit Card and provide them with your new number and expiration date.

Close your old account

  • Let outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals clear in your old account.
  • Leave enough money to cover any outstanding checks that you’ve written or automatic debits you anticipate. It may take several weeks for everything to clear.

Ask your old financial institution to close your account.

Destroy your old ATM/Debit Card from your old financial institution.

  • For security purposes be sure to cut up or shred any old checks or cards.
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