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Finance Your Jumbo Loan at Middlesex Federal 
A better mortgage experience is waiting for you!
Great Rates   |   Local Decisions   |   Rate Lock Option   |   30-Day Quick Close   |   In-House Loan Servicing  

Not all Jumbo Loans Are the Same
Middlesex Federal is a local community bank that understands the greater Boston market.  Unlike other lenders, our decisions and application process takes place locally, allowing you to close on time and avoid increased costs associated with delayed application processing.  

If you're buying or refinancing a single-family home or a condominium that qualifies for a jumbo loan, let a Middlesex Federal Home Loan Specialist assist you.  A better mortgage experience is waiting for you.

Great Rates with a Rate Lock Option
Lock in your interest rate for up to 45 days.

Local Decisions 
Avoid unnecessary closing delays and save money by working with a local, community bank that's here for you.

30-Day Quick Close & $250 Off Closing Costs
Close in less than 30 days and receive $250 off closing costs.

In-House Loan Servicing
We'll be here for you before, during, and after your loan closes. 

When It Makes Sense to Refinance Your Jumbo Mortgage
Does your current mortgage exceed $548,250? Do you have a second mortgage on your property?  Is your rate fixed or adjustable? What is the maturity date on your jumbo loan? Has your financial position changed?  Has your credit score improved?   

A minimal rate change on a jumbo mortgage can equal large savings. A lower rate may offer you the opportunity to combine your first and second mortgage without increasing your monthly payments.  If your financial position or credit score has improved since you last closed on your current mortgage, you may qualify for a much better rate than you have now.  Let’s discuss how you can benefit from a Middlesex Federal jumbo loan.

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Condominium Specialist

Talk to us if you are considering purchasing a condominium or want to refinance a condominium that you own. Working with a lender that understands condominium financing can save you time. 



Quick Close

Most homebuyers close in less than 30 days from a signed purchase and sale agreement with a Middlesex Federal Pre-Purchase Review. We're ready when you are! 


In House Loan Servicing

It's nice to know that the people who helped you with your loan will still be there after it closes. 


Rate Lock Option

Stop worrying about rates changing. Lock in your interest rate for 30 to 45 days so you can focus on other things. 

Middlesex Federal offers new purchase and refinance home loan solutions for primary and secondary Massachusetts properties.
30-Day Quick Close & Pre-Purchase Review: 
Most homebuyers close in less than 30 days from a signed purchase and sale agreement with a Pre-Purchase Review which includes a review of credit report and analysis of income and assets. 
Rate Lock:  Close your loan within the rate lock time frame (30 to 45 days) with no application changes and receive the guaranteed interest rate.  Fees may apply; ask for details. 
$250 Off Closing: A coupon will be issued upon request and must be presented before closing documents are finalized. $250 credited to homebuyer at closing. Offer valid for new Middlesex Federal purchase transactions only.  Limited one coupon per closing.